Monday, 31 August 2009

DIY Bank Holiday

We're rapidly reaching the point of saturation with lo fi/DIY. Nathan Williams' personal implosion appeared indicative of a sound pushed beyond its own sustainability (Wavves' new output suggests this is something he's fully aware of). But no, we're not there quite YET. Mainly because the emerging bands (Teen Sheikhs) and releases (Manchester's Mazes via Sex Is Disgusting) are still ace enough to hold our attention.

But the best reason to revive your interest in this sound is Leeds'
Spectrals, who ride similar surf waves to Ducktails and Arch M, but atop their own 60s pop waxed board. They've coined it "faux beach psychedelia", which kinda fits. An LP is forthcoming on Captured Tracks and the band arrive in Manchester on 25 November to support Wavves at the Deaf Institute.

Get involved.

Spectrals - 'Leave me be'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: SS

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