Saturday, 22 August 2009

A date which will live in infamy

Yeah that's right, these guys hung out together. It's a stark image, one of the starkest.

It's something which Richard D. James can only aspire to create himself. The best he could do, when he played under Piccadilly Rail Station back in December 2007, was three professional gurners giving it their all up on stage with him, a good effort, but it dosen't imprint on your soul the way this picture does.

We'll soon see what RDJ can come up with next as Kevin & Perry Go Large returns to Manchester this September (unfortunately minus the uncontrollable erection gags every five minutes).
Yes, The Warehouse Project is back and in amongst the insipid once-a-year-pill-taker dance fodder (and Jack Penate) lineup, you'll see Aphex Twin's name shining like a two pound coin in a dog turd.

The 2007 show was truly special, so I'd advise you to add your voice to the sound of the crowd on 2 October. Got it? Good.

The Tuss - 'Rushup I Bank 12'.mp3 [YSI]
AFX - 'Laughable Butane Bob'.mp3

Aphex Twin - 'Inkey$'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: SS

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