Monday, 31 August 2009

DIY Bank Holiday

We're rapidly reaching the point of saturation with lo fi/DIY. Nathan Williams' personal implosion appeared indicative of a sound pushed beyond its own sustainability (Wavves' new output suggests this is something he's fully aware of). But no, we're not there quite YET. Mainly because the emerging bands (Teen Sheikhs) and releases (Manchester's Mazes via Sex Is Disgusting) are still ace enough to hold our attention.

But the best reason to revive your interest in this sound is Leeds'
Spectrals, who ride similar surf waves to Ducktails and Arch M, but atop their own 60s pop waxed board. They've coined it "faux beach psychedelia", which kinda fits. An LP is forthcoming on Captured Tracks and the band arrive in Manchester on 25 November to support Wavves at the Deaf Institute.

Get involved.

Spectrals - 'Leave me be'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: SS

Saturday, 22 August 2009

A date which will live in infamy

Yeah that's right, these guys hung out together. It's a stark image, one of the starkest.

It's something which Richard D. James can only aspire to create himself. The best he could do, when he played under Piccadilly Rail Station back in December 2007, was three professional gurners giving it their all up on stage with him, a good effort, but it dosen't imprint on your soul the way this picture does.

We'll soon see what RDJ can come up with next as Kevin & Perry Go Large returns to Manchester this September (unfortunately minus the uncontrollable erection gags every five minutes).
Yes, The Warehouse Project is back and in amongst the insipid once-a-year-pill-taker dance fodder (and Jack Penate) lineup, you'll see Aphex Twin's name shining like a two pound coin in a dog turd.

The 2007 show was truly special, so I'd advise you to add your voice to the sound of the crowd on 2 October. Got it? Good.

The Tuss - 'Rushup I Bank 12'.mp3 [YSI]
AFX - 'Laughable Butane Bob'.mp3

Aphex Twin - 'Inkey$'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: SS

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Contracting ‘Swine Flu’ really sucks.

I mean for a start you have to let someone else pick up all your food/medication/washing and do pretty much everything for you round the house. Even your employers aren’t looking to rush you back to wellness and work, advising instead to ‘just come back when you feel ready’ and ‘give us a call later on in the week’.

Luckily it’s not just a licence for complete domestic negligence and enforced leisure; believe it or not there are actually a few perks to it as well. Aside from allowing you to stock up on Tamiflu tabs to sell on at attractive profit margins it also allows for significantly increased time online to discover new music while intermittently refreshing your facebook homepage.

That’s the story of how I came to discover Nite Jewel anyway.

Nite Jewel is the musical project of LA dweller Romana Gonzalez who records all her work on an eight track tape recorder (without that ever sounding as clich├ęd as it otherwise might in this post-Wavves world). I can’t tell if her music is really happy or really sad, but it certainly gives me the same kind of goosebumpy feeling I got when I heard Telepathe and Salem for the first time. It’s euphoric and wistful in equal measure, the sound of sequencers and drum machines mourning their own sense of industry from the dancefloor, the finely textured sonic minimalism of the music always secondary to the reverberant space in which it exists.

There’s no UK shows till October, but hopefully the mp3’s floating around the blogosphere [and if you're real keen her LP, Good Evening, out now on NPIP] should keep you sated till then.

Could someone book a Manchester show please? [We can't afford her] Ta.

Nite Jewel - 'Weak For Me'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: Billy idle