Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gotta get Thru this

The good people over at BreakThru Radio, an internet radio station based in New York which focuses on independent and unsigned artists, were kind enough to nominate us as their 'Blogger Of The Week'. Yay! You can listen to an hour of New Ears music (unfortunately no local stuff) online by following these easy steps:

1. Visit
2. Click on 'Multimedia Archive'
3. Select 'DJ DoseU' and 'last 30 days' and click 'Search'
4. Click on '06/25/2009 - Anatomy of a Blogger'.

Lesser Panda - 'Carousel (Drums of Death RMX)'
Pariah - 'Detroit Falls'

Ganglians - 'Lost words'
Telepathe - 'Chrome's on it'

Vivian Girls - 'Where do you run to'
Samps - 'Magnetic thys'
Abe Vigoda - 'Don't lie'
Wavves - 'Weed demon'
Baby Venom - 'Frank'
Salem - 'Whenusleep'
Black Dice - 'Glazin'
Patten - 'Grey gold (test mix)'
Baby Venom - 'Moms and dads'

Pictureplane - 'New mind'
Samps - 'Mashed skins'
Patten - 'Version (test mix)'

Big thanks to Isaac Stonberg (aka DJ DoseU) for arranging this.

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