Saturday, 20 June 2009

Gang Time

Shalom shalom shalloo. It's Dan Szor here! It's been a while but I've been 'darn sarffff' in Londinium, sewing the seeds of a velvet revolution from the inside - and yes, I live on Kingsland Road, the main artery from Shoreditch to Dalston, so basically I'm living on the front line. It's so trendy you know, everyone's grown a moustache, is in a band and uses times new roman type face for their one-word or too many words band name. These are challenging times I hear them cry over their sub post pump, no wow(wow) distorted guitars, but cheer up kidda, you'll be fine. After all you can all return back to Mummy and Daddy's house in Richmond once you get tired of being cold in your squat just off Balls Pond Road.

Anyway, rant over, what I really wanted to talk about was my discovery of a band named Ganglians. Once again we turn our eyes over the Atlantic (let me know if you see any Air France debris [too soon?]) and the States towards the Pacific shores of Sacremento, California. Maybe it's got something to do with the eternal sundrenched landscape, but it just seems that America can do psychedelia so much better than us Brits at the moment. The slacker mentality over there seems to bare fruits far beyond the realms of human consciousness, unlike here where it boils down to a couple of cans of K Cider and a self elevated sense of superiority. Imagine Love, The Beach Boys and Animal Collective having a barbecue at Charles Manson's ranch and you get Ganglians.

Right, I'm off to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice - I just found the perfect soundtrack in their song 'The Void' - Julian Cope ain't getting played this year as the bugger didn't reply to any of my emails. Check them out pronto!

Ganglians - 'The Void'.mp3 [YSI]

Ganglians - 'Candy Girl'.mp3

Ganglians have a new LP, Monster Head Room, out on Woodsist, seek it out here.

Words: Dan Szor

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