Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cloudy and then clearing

The good people over at No Pain In Pop are getting rather hot under the collar over London's emerging young beat collective, with Joy Orbison, Floatingpoints and Pariah getting muchos kudos. And with good reason. But New Ears has been drawn more to the palls of crunk clouds drifting over the Atlantic from North America, yeah I'm talking about the much blogged and much ace SALEM, but I also want to highlight the fresh bare atmospherics of Canada's Babe Rainbow, which currently has me bonered into next week.

Babe Rainbow is the project and product of Cameron Reed, a music marketing consultant who puts on huge shows and festivals in Vancouver and owns a hat collection to make even PJ green - and I don't mean with paintballs. A remix of SALEM appears to be on the cards shortly, but nearly every mp3 Cameron has ever sneezed in his Babe Rainbow moniker is available here. I strongly suggest you go fetch them.

Wavves - 'Weed Demon (Babe Rainbow's Surf-Step Edit)'.mp3 [YSI]


SALEM - 'Redlights'.mp3 [YSI]


Words: SS

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