Friday, 15 May 2009

"Stick your enemies in front of daytime TV"

is Mark E. Smith's advice this year via his annual missive to his fans, which in the wake of the public's disgust with our political nomenklatura could result, if we all accepted the advice, in the erection of an enormous outdoor screen in Westminister broadcasting Jeremy Kyle's bile 24 hours a day. I don't know for sure, but claiming expenses for their kit kats while "and now for those DNA test results!" reverberates like thunder across SW1 will probably be more difficult.

My own advice this weekend is to stick your friends in front of Zomby, playing live for the first time in Manchester this Saturday (16 May) at Club Underground as part of the anually (usually naff) Futuresonic Festival. Zomby's superb genre-shifting debut LP,
Where Were U in '92?, merged elements of dubstep, hardcore rave, piano house and, on standout track 'Tears in the rain', dialogue samples from Blade Runner.

Zomby, along with other ace producers like Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and Joker, has been lazily fenced into a genre called "wonky", the fans of which according to
former clued-up music journalist, Simon Reynolds', recent ill-conceived theory are all ketamine users. Clearly annoyed at the article, Zomby thankfully provided a short riposte (found here) to the Guardian's anachronism, who's evidently not been to a club since people stopped shouting "oo-ee, oo-ee!"

Support comes from a bunch of people I've never heard of and headlined by dubstep stalwart Kode9. More info for the night can be found hither.

Zomby - 'Tears in the rain'.mp3

Zomby - 'Float'.mp3 (YSI)

also check out Zomby's amazing 'Back to '92' Mix for Dazed & Confused magazine.

Words: SS

Saturday, 9 May 2009


I missed last month’s S.C.U.M gig at Retro Bar hosted by Fiction Non Fiction, but rumour has it that halfway through the set a young boy stood up on a chair at the back of the audience and shouted, “What a swizz! All this music is, is five kids aping Suicide and Throbbing Gristle’s atmospherics without the songs, where’s the entertainment value in that? It’s all quite pointless.” Those at the gig where visibly shocked by the incident. A few guys in eye makeup where later seen staring into a half-empty pint glass and mumbling, “what's the point of it all?” Whilst I can’t support the veracity of these events, I can, if it did happen, understand the child’s sentiment.

This blog was as attracted as anyone by last year’s emerging ‘Darkwave’ scene in London. Led primarily by S.C.U.M, An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump and KASMs, the scene’s early output was promising but we’re now rapidly reaching the point where these bands need to hit us with some tunes, something tangible, something memorable. Before these arrive Darkwave can continue to produce talented self publicists if sonically challenged bands or host as many self congratulatory gigs in Shoreditch Church as it wants, but no one outside that clique will care. Ironically, it’s O. Children, the one band that has actively distanced itself from the scene, that looks most like making significant strides in the future. This summer is Darkwave’s time to make good on its promise, or get off the pot.

With that in mind, what else is happening in London? My own cursory examination has highlighted the following two acts as current hot nuggets of newness: Arch M's refreshing guitar haze and the exciting Liquid Liquidness of patten. Expect more from us on these soon.

Arch M - 'Cat grave' [YSI]

patten - 'Version' (test mixx) [YSI]

Words: SS

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Weezy = Wowzers.

I have no idea who CFCF is [duh, Canadian dark-disco producer who featured on HEALTH//DISCO] and I'm largely ignorant to the work of Lil Wayne and Cassie. Nevertheless, I'm all over this shit atm - did someone say "Summer Anthem" already?

I'm joining the gym tomorrow, look out for me in Platt Fields park rocking this jam out and hollaring at your girl all summer long. I'll be the guy in the muscle vest.


Cassie - Official Girl [feat. Lil Wayne] (CFCF remix) (YSI)

Words: Billy iDle

Also check out CFCF's fitting video for his own track 'You Hear Colours'...

CFCF - You Hear Colours from tommy boy on Vimeo.