Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Straight Outta Cairo

This week's top shelf, Egyptian Hip Hop!

The Hip Hop are a quartet made up of two members of New Ears favourites Copycats (now on long term hiatus), Nick and Alex, Manchester's answer to Bibio/Banjo Or Freakout - Leveret (seriously good stuff) - and Louis. We were lucky enough to host their debut live show last month, which although unfortunately sans Leveret's drumming, was a stirring synthpop success.

Note to any egyptians out there with an interest in hip hop - get yourself some shows in Rusholme - there was a lot of interest at Saki Bar before the gig enquiring if EHH's name was literal. Saki didn't inform us of any funny looking uncle types asking if our headliners were as described too. I guess it's just not really their scene.

EHH are playing twice in the next week - Saturday and Monday at Fiction Non Fiction. I recommend you go see them before they're bigger than Jehovah.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Heavenly (demo)

Go Ear - Egyptian Hip Hop @ Nexus Night Cafe, Sat night 18 April, circa 2.30am. More info here.

Words: SS

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