Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Ahh, the much maligned potato. First people start cutting the humble potato out of their diet due to the carbs, then he’s omitted from the five-a-day veg campaign and now sweet potato is turning up everywhere and getting all the cool party invites. Well, wipe that juicy white tear from your eye señor spud, I have some good news for you! You’re name-dropped in the awesome track, ‘Mashed Skins’ by L.A. based group, Samps. Finally some cred.

Samps is made up of Cole MGN (guitarist in Ariel Pink’s rad Haunted Graffiti), Harley B (aka Doktorberis) and Jason Whitemare. The project was started merely to indulge their passion for sampling and stoopid fun. Jason described their process and sound as “really A.D.D. and unfocused, yet still highly rewarding...sometimes!” But such is the quality of these tracks, demand is growing for them to make this more than just a pet project. Go check out their epileptic beats!

Samps - 'Mashed skins'.mp3

Words: SS

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