Monday, 2 March 2009

MAY 68 - FEB 27 - MARCH 21....

Maybe it was because we’re putting them on soon, maybe it was because right now they’ve got on their hands the most professionally produced, immediate sounding demo we’ve heard in a long time, or maybe it was because of the one-bulletin-a-minute Myspace inundation by the promoters (hint – not this one) – but NE found itself waiting with baited anticipation for May 68’s show last weekend at Ruby Lounge.

With a name obviously influenced by the Situationists and the Paris riots of the time led by Guy Debord I worried perhaps that the lyrical or stylistic stance favoured by so many bands (trying to tap into those philosophies to try and look pseudo-political (see early manics, stone roses etc etc)) could be present. But thankfully no, and whats in a name anyway… this could be Manchester 89 if we’re going there and more importantly its devoid of any date-heavy pretentions - theres's just savvy beats and big chorus's here. Sure sometimes the lyrics slip into electro cliché but this really doesn’t seem to matter with incendiary pop such as this.

Live and with real drums and dirtier guitars the music was all that mattered and worries that the catchy as fuck Last Mile was going to rule the set roost were quickly subsided as a good proportion of the set had enough hooks and melodies to contend. Singer Jude’s voice is as good if not better live and the duet towards the end between her and the drummer sounds like Madonna flirting with Edwyn Colllins, and yes as good as that sounds.

Yeah there’s still rough edges but for a band with only a handful of gigs under their belt that’s understandable. Maybe Debord’s fears for the dilution of culture by the disposable society wouldn’t have sat well with all this but he’s dead with a bullet through his heart, soon May 68 could well put one through yours


Words: Marvel Hell

May 68 - 'Last Mile'

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