Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dan Deacon

Friends are growing increasingly frustrated by my apathetic reluctance to get into 'The Wire' - by all accounts the best television series since (sliced) Bread. “Get with it,” they tell me. But what my square-eyed pals perhaps fail to realise is that, far from hiding away from gritty, gang-land realism, I’m just way too busy getting my teeth into Baltimore’s lesser-known box office attraction, Mr. Dan Deacon.

Admittedly only by this comparison could DD be cast as the lesser-known commodity. His ethereal eerieness has been fondly acknowledged through past years, to the extent that even traditional mosh-mag Rolling Stone couldn’t deny chief hit ‘Crystal Cat’ a slot in its 100 best songs of 2007. Monday (23 March) saw the Maryland maestro unleash his second full-length offering following the spankingly safe ‘Spiderman of the Rings’ - and ‘Bromst’ does not disappoint.

Deacs himself somewhat confusingly describes the new outing as merely “not as plasticy”, but upon inspection, the use of live instruments and analogue synths certainly make for a richer and more varied sound than its predecessor. Double D pleases yet again by demonstrating his fearless ability to merge warped, choral harmony with intense and often euphoric hooks. ‘Paddling Ghost’ is an instant standout and should be used as the barometer for anyone yet to sample his most potent brand of aural acid.

It may not be dangerous, drug-riddled or particularly downtown, but Deacon continues to pop a hearty cap in the ass of US electronica. Unfortunately, with just one UK date (in London) scheduled for June, chances to catch his new 10+ musicians ensemble live show look sparse - which I suppose will give me a chance to finally crack out Series One. [Update! The good people at Pineapple Folk have arranged a Dan Deacon show for 2 June @ Manchester Academy. Yay! See more here.]

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Words: Jake Richards


Fat Roland said...

B'stards. Still, the link in my feed reader still works, so I've grabbed it. Loving Dan Deacon at the mo.

Dizzietron (AKA Hadiza) said...

Ugh, I will never succomb to peoples please for me to watch the wire, Never!