Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Rad tidings aplenty this Saturday (21 March) at Saki Bar, where we'll be proudly hosting our first band showcase avec dj-ing club night. Headlining is one of the most talked about live bands this year, post-punkers O. Children, supported by some of our most treasured new Manchester bands.

There has been one hitch however, a big hitch if you're a member of May68; they've had a load of their gear stolen and unfortunately can't play. May68 will instead be dj-ing on the night though, joining New Ears, Super Super and Contort Yourself/Monday Murkage resident Natalie Esquire who will bring you the sounds of the wickedness till late. Oh, and we promise to play The Horrors' new krautrock track, it's amazing. No really.

O. Children
Egyptian Hip Hop
Sir Yes Sir

DJs: May68, Natalie Esquire, New Ears, Super Super

Saki Bar, £4, 7PM - 2/3AM

It's gonna be safe, it's gonna be safe...

O. Children - 'Ace breasts'.mp3 (YSI)

Citizens - 'Oh record player (Is it still gold?)'

Egyptian Hip Hop - 'Rad pitt'

Sir Yes Sir - 'Hit 3'

The Horrors - 'Sea with a sea'.mp3 (YSI)

Words: SS

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