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Always endeavouring to bring you the choicest morsels from the all too broad musical kitchen; New Ears offers up Baltimore’s finest new delicacy, Baby Venom. This lo fi synth pop three piece more than hold their own amongst B-more’s innovative music scene (producing the likes of Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Ponytail etc). Dave, Nathan and Sarah were kind enough to fill us in on their city and their baby:

Baltimore, Maryland
N: A small city with lots of vacancy.
S: Baltimore is America's filthy asshole.
D: Some of the worst crime stats, but some of the best hospitals...A lot of people in bands seem to have relocated here for school and/or to be able to pursue their art in a city with a relatively low cost of living. This also might be the best dive bar of a city to slum it in before moving up to Brooklyn.

New Baltimore bands
N: Thank You, the band. And this really cool pretend band called Super Kawaii.
D: Anything Denny Bowen gets involved with. He's behind the drums for Double Dagger, and for some of Dan Deacon's ensembles, but it has been his solo laptop project, under the name Smart Growth, that I'm enjoying the most right now.

D: I saw Sarah wearing a giant cat costume when we were both 14 or so. We didn't really become good friends until four years later when we met back up at college. Nathan gave me a ride home in the rain after a City of Caterpillar show.
S: I think we formed in summer 2007. Both of our former bands broke up at the same time. We'd been playing shows together as separate bands, so we just reformed into one big mash, voila!
N: We messed around with different set-ups and equipment for six months or so and then finally made an appearance in front of our friends.

Baby Venom - 'Moms and Dads'

D: Injuries, characters from books, temperature shifts.
N: Cheap keyboards, DC hardcore
S: You'll have to ask the man who ghost-writes all my songs. I'm just here for my looks.

D: My mantra has always been "never play it the same way twice" and that is especially true when I switch over to drums. Thankfully, that doesn't seem to throw anyone else off too much. We usually try not to play long sets so we don't leave audiences in a diabetic comb-over.
S: It feels like we showed up at a party and then out of the blue, we're expected to go onstage and entertain. We're a little campy, a little goofy, but we do play our songs well.

Stop Scratching tape release
D: We're still finalizing the tracklisting for the cassette re-release. It was meant to be out by winter '08, but our scheduling has changed a bit since our football team unexpectedly made it deep into the playoffs. Go Raisins!
S: Haha, I'm useless! Expect it sometime before May 2009?

UK visit
D: We still need to get all our show dates in order. I hope we can get cases for keyboards before we come over and borrow drums along the way.
S: We should be there in mid-May. Fingers crossed!
N: Can you give us a show?

We’re working on it...

Baby Venom - 'Frank'.mp3 (YSI)

Words: SS

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