Thursday, 26 February 2009

Esqueezy Explains It All... (from Preston)

Hello New Ears. What a weird February. I've been round the world (Midlands and deep Lancashire) this last week...and blimey, I ain't half seen some treats. I've thrown drinks around. I've seen crazy bed and breakfast dwellers with dyed red hair and marker pen painted fingernails eating pizza. I've been sick a lot. So much so that I couldn't eat a Big Mac...and you know it's serious when that happens. I caught up with Drums of Death in Preston...and that guy knows how to play a heavy heavy live set. I highly recommend your presence at one of these grand occasions because, regardless of your music taste, you're gonna like it.

On top of that I think Preston added a whole new dimension to it. Fucking weird place. The venue was Coda, and the night was Beats of Rage (check
'em out) and whilst I was cocooned safely in there everything was jack-a-nory. Outside of there was just another story. It was like something out of a bad, bad horror film. But one of those really low budget ones, that are more warped than scary.... like maybe Bad Taste. Esqueezy's big on libel, so if you ever want to experience the horror then check yourself into a bed and breakfast in central Preston called Derby Court Hotel. Luckily, I'd booked into a Travelodge but the poor old Contort Yourself DJ's were shacked up in there. The guy on reception was smacked up and off his tits and conveniently mentioned his master key could override all the locks at any time. There were sweltering corridors with day-glo pink doors and nicotine stained walls and windows patched up with cardboard. The closest things to it must be How Clean Is Your House crossed with DIY SOS on LSD...and maybe a hint of the shopkeepers from The League Of Gentlemen.

Anyways, hilariously bad times aside, Drums of Death is slanging a mixtape at the moment which is freely available
ici. Free stuff is also available on their facebook page.

For now...that's me. Keep it locked!

Catch Esqueezy's latest mix

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