Sunday, 25 January 2009


2000 and 9's major musical happening seems to be the 'donk' phenomenon. The few tracks that I've heard, but in particular Blackout Crew's 'Put a donk on it', are the sonic equivalent of inhaling a turd; some of this shit will stay with you for life. I recommend you think twice before clicking these links, but either way expect it to soundtrack your bus ride soon.

A far less interesting development is the news that we've finally pulled our finger out and organised a New Ears curated event. We're excited to announce that we'll have one of our favourite new bands, psychedelic post punkers O. Children, headlining on Saturday 21 March 2009. Support comes in the form of four of Manchester's latest and greatest bands: Citizens, May 68, Egyptian Hip Hop and Sir Yes Sir.

Providing the cherry on top of our musical cupcake will be our very own Esqueezy dropping heavy bass till late..
.all for just four of your English pounds and completely donk free.

O. Children - 'Ezekiel's son'(demo).mp3

Words: SS

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