Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dispatches from the West Coast - pt. 2

Simon L of Teeth!!! was kind enough to share a diary of the band's tour of the West Coast with us, the first part of which can be found here. Below Simon fills us in on Christmas, his holiday romance and hanging with faeries...

Day 5

I’ve not done much apart from sleep off my hangover...I met Yutaro from work, we took a bus down to the Super 8 Motel and booked a room. We hungout in the room forever spoke about past-lives (not the band) and watched cartoons, drank beer and ate Pringles. It was the romance. We saw Snoop Dogg drive past us just as the sun was going down.

Day 6
Checked out late. Me & Yutaro hung out forever, we were gonna go to Mustashe Mondays (the place where teeth will play first week in Jan), but we got stuck watching ‘Paris Is Burning’. Then a bunch of peeps came over. It’s so weird when you meet someone you like, at the same time it’s a hellofa rebound relationship as both him and myself are recently heartbroken. It almost as if both of us are holding back. Maybe just me. Or maybe we have nothing to say to each other or maybe he’s a dork!!

Day 7
Me and Oskar (from Sister Mantos) went hiking in the hills. I saw the whole of LA. It’s big. I also found out that Berlin is L.A.’s twined city, which is amazing!!! As me and Dolby Anol are planning on moving there over the summer. I like the sound of summer in Berlin and winter in L.A., that would be the sweetest little shit. That afternoon we had a meeting with some guy from Universal Records, a guy in a suit. We saw Kayne West in reception with a mass meat head.

We got invited to dinner with this famous photographer guy who is Prince’s tour photographer. We sat and ate and then went back to his and watched this awesome dance movie with my friend Ryan Heffington - this amazing dancer that has worked with Peaches, Fischerspooner and some other famous peeps. After that I came home and passed out.

Day 8
Made some jams then went out to a house party with Yutaro. It was snoresville. Although the Prince photographer was there amongst some stuck up Japanese people. Went home slept.

Day 9 - Xmas Day!
The day started sooo nice!!! Yutaro stayed at mine, I walked him to the bus stop in the LA sunrise it was raining warm rain we had a red umbrella, I told him that I was properly gonna miss him, he said, "you build a sand castle and the sea washes it away" so true, but it sucks. We were invited to spend Xmas with Austin’s parents (Ryan’s bf). It was the gayest Christmas ever; we listened to Madonna’s Immaculate Collection over dinner.

Day 10
Coffee/Rebecca - DVDs for the tour - Prince DVD photo shoot - Discussed jams for Mustache Mondays.

Day 11
Drive to San Francisco (SF) – Seals - Sunset - Brain Eno – Tears -Oakland party -Sexy Prison, still together!!! - Numbers broke up - Sleeping on pissy couches.

Day 12
PDX [Portland] BABES!!!!!! - Veronica late - long drive - Erase Errata dream – snow - long roads – tired.

Day 13 - video

Day 14

Day 15 - video

Day 16 [NYE] - video

Day 17
We set out on the long drive back to SF to drop Veronica off. On the way back we decided to stop over at Wolf Creek, a radical faerie community near the border of California/Oregon. We arrive just before sun down and go and get acquainted with our loving fearie family. First we meet Cloud, Earthern and Willow (for realz) and then went and smoked a chilum in Earthern’s place and listened to his new music he's been making. THE MOST AWSOME ITALO DISCO!!! Then Simon and Oskar ate some hash cookies and tripped out, we then went and had a free jam in the barn, where we slept under shrines of dead drag queens. No joke.

Day 18
We left early from Wolf Creek and headed back to SF, Veronica had to be home in time for dinner, which we just made. By now everyone needed breaks from each other. I managed to arrange a hook up that we could stay and hangout at Eats Tapes’ house. Marijke and Greg are the most friendly awesome, homely people ever!!! When we arrive they had made the best vegan food and beers. We chilled for a while and then went down to the infamous El Rio (where Jenny from Erase Errata works) and grabbed a beer. Then went home and sleeeeeeeepppttttt.

Day 19
I decided to stay in SF and hangout with ET for another night whilst Oskar and the peeps went back to LA. In the morning we went bike riding around SF, went up to the viewing tower in some park. Then we went and got coffee and got all physic and shit. I think Majike is one of the most awesome people ever. Then we came home and got ready to go over to Evans’ house to make food and get drunk. Evans is so rad!!! We made food, ate, drank lots. Then we went out down to Castro gay bars, and on to the afterhours. Marjike split beer all over the cab and then the bouncer at the club was a complete asshole and wouldn’t let her in. So we ended up back at Evans’, drunk and smelly.

Day 20
Today we woke and got breakfast, I feel so fucked up. Me, Marike & Evans are gonna start a new club in SF & London called FJARTS which continues mine and Markjke’s obsession with poop. We’re also gonna record a theme tune and have live Skype casts. We walked around to Aquarius records and listened to Sparks. M&E are thinking about coming to L.A. to perform with us at The Smell on Friday. That would be rad. Teeth!!! have been invited to perform on college radio which is exciting. I might head back to SF after the shows with Teeth!!!

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