Monday, 29 December 2008

Pictureplane Interview

As previously highlighted (here) Pictureplane, aka Travis Egedy, was our favourite artist of 2008. He lives in Denver, Colarado in a house/art space/gig venue named Rhinoceropolis and creates electro-grime tinged with a hefty dollop of 80’s pop, which fills you with a feeling of total freedom and abandon. As he explained on his own blog (here), 2008 was somewhat of an Annus Awesomis for Travis. We asked him alllll about the past, the present and the future…

You played recently with Dan Deacon, how’d it go?
“CRAZY. But totally rad. It was in my house (Rhinoceropolis). Probably like 300 kids came out who have never really been here before. I booked this local hardcore band comprised of 17-year-old kids called Dethbox to play, they ended the set with like ten minutes of pure feedback and squealing saxaphones while they built a shrine out of their drums. People didn’t know what to think, it was great! Dan rented speakers for our house just for the night, so it sounded amazing. We also went shopping for pants at a thrift store before the show. Dan Deacon is an amazing man. We talked about conspiracies against the world and the people into the late evening."

Have you had some trouble with the police recently?
"Yes, it’s a long story....I was arrested during the protests at the Democratic National Convention in Denver over the summer. It was a mass arrest of about 150 people. I got unlucky on that’s total bullshit."

Are you signed yet?
"I kind of am now! Thanks to blogs such as yours and my friends in HEALTH, I got picked up by their label, Lovepump United in New York. I have a 7'' single coming out in March 09, it’s exciting."

How healthy is the music scene in Denver?
"Extremely healthy. There are TONNES of bands... but the scenes are kind of segregated for some reason... we’ve all been talking about how badly Denver needs more DIY spaces [like Rhinoceropolis] really has so much potential. But yeah, there is tonnes of talent here, and no one knows about it outside of Denver, besides the fortunate bands that get to play Rhinoceropolis. Ha ha!"

What was your personal highlight of 2008?
"Probably touring the East Coast in the Fall with a fellow Denver band called BDRMPPL [also rad]. We had a lot of amazing times, and played beautiful shows. It was freedom. And I loved it."

Do you have a new year’s resolution?
"I need to stop being so lazy...and really start to push people’s buttons again artistically. I am good at that when I want to be [check out some of Travis' artwork at his myspace or here]."

Are you looking forward to 2009?
"Yes. I should be touring a lot...maybe? I am really excited for my single to come out. There are some things in the works right now that bring bubbles in my stomach. So yeah, I think I am pumped. I have been really trying to live in the NOW, and not anticipate future events as of late though. There really is no future anyways ;) just now."

What do you have planned for 2009?...a UK visit?
"I fucking hope so. I want to dance to funky house. I can’t stop listening to grime."

What new artists/bands would you recommend we look out for in 2009?
"Sewn Leather, Future Islands [check out Travis' rework of their track 'Old dreamer'] Rustie, Zomby, Joker, Pictureplane..."

photo: Rita Minissi


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kidrobottt said...

I just saw HEALTH play with Pictureplane last night in Tucson and recorded it. Here's the audio for their full set and Pictureplane's as well.