Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Go Ear - Vivian Girls, Hotpants Romance @ Now Wave, The Deaf Institute 9/12/08

Twee/Indiepop has been enjoying something of resurgence of late (thanks in no small part to the work of London based promoters/label/zine Twee As Fuck) and as of this Wednesday the sound looks set to plant its flag firmly in the face of Manchester via Now Wave’s enviable Vivian Girls vs Hotpants Romance line up at The Deaf Institute.

Like many bands swept up in this ‘Twee’ movement, these New Yooikers' music is anything but. Vivian Girls' spiky girl-punk clutter is closer in kin with say, Huggy Bear or The Primitives than Belle and Sebastian. They’re one of several bands to have emerged from the scene surrounding their native city’s Cake Shop venue (cakes and records upstairs, venue and bar downstars) alongside the equally ace Pains of Being Pure at Heart (who comprehensively answer the question of what My Bloody Valentine would have sounded like if they had never discovered fuzz pedals) and Crystal Stilts.

Hotpants Romance on the other hand are 3 Riot Grrrls hailing from our very own city of Manchester. They make shouty, poppy records focusing on themes like the varying strength of sun cream and we like them a lot (evidence here). So much so in fact, that at some point over the summer we went to one of their shows and interviewed them. We talked about all kinds of interesting stuff - their (then) forthcoming tour of America, their appearance at Twee As Fuck in London, our mutual love of Erase Errata etc etc, then we (and when we say ‘We’ we really mean ‘I’) went out, got really drunk and lost the dictaphone and consequently the interview, making the whole affair a big waste of everyone’s time. That was pretty lame, but the band is anything but. You should totally go check them out, rad times are guaranteed.

Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To.mp3



Words: Billy iDle

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