Friday, 19 December 2008

2008 Review

If a week is a long time in politics, then a year is twelve months in music. But if today was a year from now what would we say about Anno Domini 2008 in a sonic sense? Well...

Best gig
HEALTH @ Charlie’s (Hey Manchester!) 3 May 2008
We said: “At no point during their set is any member of the band static or making anything like the kind of noise traditionally expected by the instrument in their hands…a striking mix of hypnotic robot vocals, chiselled melodic dissonance and beat smart rhythmic intensity”…i.e. well rad.

HEALTH - 'Glitter Pills'.mp3

Best album

Late Of The Pier – Fantasy Black Channel (Parlophone)

We said: “with the help of Erol Alkan, [LOTP] have shown just how to inject not only electro into your average indie-rock but weight and substance too. In so doing, LOTP completely exposed the redundancy of The Whip's baggy beats to the point that even lobotomised berk, Bez, now politely refuses seconds.” Pity that we only caught five seconds of their set at the Warehouse Project in October because we had the audacity to turn up as late as 10.30pm for a night that went on till 5am. Nice one schedulers.

Late Of The Pier - 'Broken'.mp3

Best single
Telepathe - 'Chrome's on it' (No Pain In Pop)

We said: "a beat-smart, hook happy slice of process pop". Still not tired of this.

Telepathe - 'Chrome's on it'.mp3

Favourite band

We said: “Imagine shoegaze vocals married to the kind of grime Wiley used to make and you're halfway there. Actually you're noway near. Chuck in an unhealthy love of 80's pop, electro and avant noise and if by that point you're not thinking 'this sounds like the best shit ever yo', then frankly you're lost.”
Prepare yourself for one hell of a dope interview with the big man to be posted here pre 2009.

Pictureplane - 'Trance doll'.mp3

Favourite Manchester band

We said: “3 heavily fringed 'disturbed teens' who make playing post-Test Icicles spazzcore pop sound the most fun thing in the world.” Expect more from these felines next year, particularly Alex Hewett who has his paws in multiple musical pies. Check out awesome new demo 'Body language'.

Copycats - 'Body language'.mp3

But most of all 2008 will be remembered for…
Paul Ross reading ghost stories from a big black book. A watershed moment in British television. The horror. The horror...

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