Friday, 28 November 2008

State of the City Address

When this blog first started back in April 08, we (here) identified a Manchester music scene awash with "baggy nonsense snagged on lad-rock twatery" and that fundamentally, "to Manchester's immense pride and utter embarrassment, The Fall are the most important band in this former musical beacon". All this is about to change.

Joining the mancunian bands we've already praised and highlighted on this blog (Copycats, Hotpants Romance, Sir Yes Sir) are a brand new crop of (lazily coined by us) Manchester-not-Manchester bands. Our favourite three are new wavers, Egyptian Hip Hop, the darkwave electronica of FAUX and Citizens' tropical no wave.

FAUX are supporting Selfish Cunt at this Tuesday (02/12) night's Fiction Non Fiction at Tiger Lounge, while Citizens and Egyptian Hip Hop kick off gigging duties in the new year. Obviously this makes us as happy as a pig on smack, so go check them out and expect further posts on these three bands in the near future. 2000 and 9 looks very promising...

Citizens - 'We've read the books' (live demo)

Words: SS

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