Friday, 5 September 2008

Esqueezy Explains It All

What a week in Esqueezyville! In advance I apologise for depriving New Ears’ readers of ‘Esqueezy Explains It All’ but I'm pretty sure you didn’t miss me too much. I blame it all on the summer lull.... including musical monstrosities like Wiley's 'In The Summer' because quite frankly, Daft Punk samples DON’T really get me going. Anyways, it's September again and we all know what that means.... an arrival of socially inept and under-experienced freshers, all geared up for sex and 5th Ave. Dunno about you, but I don't really envy them.

So what’s been going down….hmmm…Last week saw the start of what I'm calling the 'Esqueezy Entrance'. This one was spawned at an uber pretentio private party on Thursday that was some bullshit to do with a Volkswagen car that somebody had gotten all pre-school on by having the ultra challenging idea of painting strange lines on. I just heard it was free drinks so I didn't really pay much attention to the screwy literature they gave me (hand-packed tidily in some strange rubbery sleeve with the same weird dots as the car...hmmm). Well cutting to the chase, I managed to knock 5 glasses of champagne flying within 30 seconds of entering...and that was after I'd done a lot of swearing and argy-bargy at the front door. It was one of those moments when you’ve either got to curl up and die or count to ten and do it again. All hail

I’m going to start doing it everywhere I go, maybe even at work…but ho, you can definitely expect such behaviour on a weekly basis, cos I'm getting like LL and I’m going back…but not to Cali…to Murkage baby! The drought of decent nights is coming to an end! Murkage was pretty successful last year, but academic year 2008/9 puts the cherry pon cake… brand-new venue and buff nuff bookings every week starting September 22nd! Think Tomb Crew, Toddla T, Afrikan Boy, Skepta, Bigger Than Barry, Deekline, Heavy Feet.... all I can say is thank the Lord because I'm getting pretty tired of only being offered the choice of clapped out indie nights or listening to bass with trustafarians. It does nothing for my complexion, let alone my mentality.

All dates until Christmas can be found on Mypace here and on Facebook hither. Plus, if you really, really, really can’t wait there’s a Mini Murkage tonight, downstairs in the Basement Bar at Trof Deaf Institute. Come join us for status drinks and ridiculous behaviour.

To get y’all in the mood, here's, EPMD - ‘Run It’ (Sinden Remix).mp3. I’m putting it down as a future Murkage anthem…that blend of bars and wonky beats always seems to do it.

‘Til next time…

P.S. Hopefully, if New Ears will let me, I’ll be back mid month with a mix from someone bangin’…… HOLD TIGHT!

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