Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Clubs? Next month? Alriiight.

Some truly hexagonal dope to tell you about in Manchester's bopsheds and flashtunnels during October and I'm not talking about the milked-till-tender cash cow, The Warehouse Project, neither. Far more promising is Drowned in Sound's new monthly Tuesday night 'DiScover' showcase at The Death Institute's flush new music hall, which starts with Wild Beasts, Cats In Paris and The Long Blondes DJs amongst others on 28 October.

Last Monday saw the first of this term's monthly Super Super magazine vs Monday Murkage club night at One Central Street. One New Ears mainstay was quoted as stating it was “quite good actually...[with] party anthems aplenty”. The next is set for 13 October with Skepta. Entrance is free if you turn up with a haircut*.
But the main event last week was on Wednesday, which saw the opening night of the weekly 'Now Wave'. Designed as a maturer, less prannock stricken offshoot to their Up The Racket franchise, its promoters deserve credit for enlisting some more than decent bands to play at The Deaf Institute, including Pivot (this week), Holy Fuck & Errors (next week) and Abe Vigoda (3 Dec).

Last week S.C.U.M kicked off proceedings with a set of thrilling, flashing, confident darkwave rambunctiousness, only for Ipso Facto to follow with an instantly forgettable thirty minutes of drabwave. Which left a bad taste in the mouth only bettered by the weariful DJing which displayed next to no correlation to the live music that had just been showcased. In fact it was about a minute into LOTP's 'Focker' being played at the wrong speed that we avowed to pull our finger out and take New Ears' DJing excursions beyond the fifteen minutes afforded us at Big Hands earlier this year. So if you want us to play your jamboree, coke party, box social or bahmitzfa just message us. No really. We promise to play Pictureplane.

Pictureplane - 'Flashion you designed my mind'.mp3

*Unconfirmed at time of posting.

Words: SS


Billy iDle said...

When you say 'with a haircut' how do you mean? Do you have to bring a wig under your arm, or turn up with someone with a 'haircut'. Or are you trying to suggest that if people dress snappy and rock up to the door and say 'i'm with super super' they'll get in free?

Man, I really need a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Mate you have one.

You don't get Robert Smith autograph hunters hassling you for no reason.