Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Go Ear: Gentle Friendly @ Islington Mill - 10/08

“Huge glistening party anthems, which have a tendency to really bum you out.” That’s the best way to describe Gentle Friendly’s sound according to its drumming half, Daniel. Being that he's also a fifth of multi-instrumenatlists, Buttonhead, Dan represents 28.57% of London's two foremost thigh-slapping noise-pop bands. Check my sums, it stands up. Gentle Friendly are visiting our fair city twice in the next month so we asked him a few questions about all things GF...

"We just try to play well. We don't really have any gimmicks or anything, I think we're both sort of against that. We just try to play loud and not fuck up. There may well be some drum related breakages however. I have a tendency to do that. I once broke the drummer from Sleeping State's ride stand in half. I felt really bad but he was a really nice guy and charged me almost nothing to replace it. I think his name was Robin, very nice man.”

Musical - “Arthur Russell, Paul Simon, 1980s cassette trade boom, 2000s rap mixtape boom, cave-punk, Neu!, Moondog.”
Others – “John Gray, The Wire, vegan mac & cheese, mountains of keyboards, unlabelled cassettes, hot boring summer days. Speaking personally, drum microphones. I brought this set when I had no money, but I just get a kick out of them though, I think its lame.”

"We’re putting out our first record proper [a four track vinyl EP] with No Pain In Pop in November and a collection of our lo-fi recordings will be out on limited edition tape release [through cassette heroes, Stop Scratching] at the same time."

"We have an All Tomorrow's Party show with Indian Jewelry which we're both super excited about. We’re also doing a Paris date which should be cool. I guess we'll begin to play more in Europe and in the U.S. The offers have been there, it’s just been a case of a lack of money or bad timing. I guess we’re mostly just thinking about the Ponytail tour next month though, those are awesome dates and we dig on Ponytail hard, so that should be rad!”

You can see Gentle Friendly this Sunday at Lamb & Wolf's alldayer at Islington Mill. They're back on 8 September with Ponytail at Satan's Hollow, so go!

Gentle Friendly - 'Five Girl Night' (download here or listen below)


stop scratching said...
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stop scratching said...

stop scratching, that's our name. where's our love maaan.

i really enjoy this blog though. thank you.

Anonymous said...

hey man

i knew you had released something (back in May?), but thought these new releases were off GF's own back.

on the assumption that i'm wrong, i've changed it.

much love!

((my bad))