Thursday, 3 July 2008

Telepathe and Sunni-Geini 'do the real thang thang'

Help me out here. Is this post just an exercise in futility? Surely there can't be many amongst the music loving populous still ignorant to the sounds of Brooklyn based androgens Telepathe?

Vidi: Telepathe performing Threads and Knives at New York's Studio B

Their new single 'Chrome's On it' (out this week on South London's rather splendid No Pain in Pop label) is a beat-smart, hook happy slice of process pop that shares a slice of 7 inch vinyl with the equally ace 'SG Main Theme' by 'mysterious' new producer Sunn-Geini.
Sunni's beats are similar in feel to those of former glitch-hop (ugh) golden boy Prefuse 73, albeit infused with the spirit of the much missed J Dilla and the jittering rhythmic rolls of fellow South London shadow dweller Burial.

Sunni-Geini - 'Good Times' (Listen below or download here)

The whole 7 inch package can be broken down thus; Telepathe do hooks, Sunni-Geini does beats, No Pain in Pop release records. Right now there's few, if indeed any, doing any of those things better. Put them all together on one product and we're talking essential purchasing. Make a note to self to go buy as soon as possible 'cos unlike tickets for this years Glasto (is it too late for those kinda references now?) this is gonna sell out reeeeeeal fast.

Words: Billy iDle

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