Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Reach For The Sun

We do our best to provide you with the necessary ‘heads up’ to all that's exciting musically locally, or at least in the UK. The problem at the moment is that the bands coming out of L.A. are so spiffing that it's like trying to ignore an elephant in the room. The latest to turn our heads is (predictably) another in the long line of rad bands to waft out of ‘The Smell' scene, the self proclaimed 'tropical punk' freakwads Abe Vigoda.

The beauty of the L.A. noise punk scene is that unlike your average movement, there's a distinct lack of “me-too” bands around to ruin it. Instead, each band is experimenting with different styles and genres, the only reason they’re grouped together is the fiercely independent, DIY ethic of the vegan food selling, all ages L.A. venue where they congregate.

Abe Vigoda are not the newest swingers in town, being that the early August 2008 scheduled release LP, Skeleton, is their third album. But their latest material has taken their previous no wave punk jams and added, with the help of some high-tuned guitars, sun-drenched surfing melodies. To put it in terms we can all understand, they were a bottle of lucozade, they’re now a can of mango flavoured Rubicon Exotic.

Hey and you know what? They look good too, spaz good, which is the best kind of good. Good! A UK tour is currently being prepared for November/December, but for now set your face to happy suck that Solero and glory in their exuberant tropical racket.

Abe Vigoda - 'Bear Face' (download here or listen below)

Words: SS

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