Saturday, 19 July 2008

Go Ear: Televised Crimewave @ Tiger Lounge 22/07

TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE really love taxidermy....

Or so they told New Ears, when we asked them what you, the prospective concert attendee, could do to help. "If they felt the need to bring something... maybe taxidermy." Dan told us via email, "A stuffed owl would be my personal choice. I want to decorate all the dark damp venues up and down the land with owls and plastic jewels."

This darkly angular yet surprisingly upbeat London based 4-piece, consisting of 2 former members of the sadly departed Black Wire, is finally heading back up North for a short jaunt (with KASMs) through Edinburgh, Newcastle, hometown Leeds and Manchester. In terms of an audience it doesn't stop at taxidermists though, Dan tells us "I would like everyone to come and see us play, I don't want to exclude anyone. The perfect audience is one made up of people brave enough to commit themselves to the moment and escape the room we will all be standing in."

Prepare yourself for psychosis, charisma and dancing, as they hope their live show is comparable to "a spectacle of controlled madness, theatre of cruelty meets group therapy... with a catchy beat."

So, head on down to FictionNonFiction at Tiger Lounge this Tuesday (22/07) and be sure to bring any dead owls you have lying around, the band will be most appreciative.

Televised Crimewave - 'Fire & Flowers' (Download here or listen below)

Words: Alyssa Thralls

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