Monday, 7 July 2008

Go Ear: Parts & Labor @ Cafe Saki 12/07

Detractors of sloppy stateside spelling avert your eyes - Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor are coming to town. Those able to see past P&L’s lexical lunacy - and you probably should, really - consider yourselves fortunate as the recently expanded four-piece come armed with a unique strain of “noise-rock” which pleasingly throws the dictionary of (mispelt) genre pigeon-holing out of the window.

With Myspace alumni covering ground from Sonic Youth to Battles, P&L cut an ambiguous shape, but come together with something impressively succinct. 2007’s Mapmaker LP offered a boisterous celebration of cutting guitars, sparse electronics, and rackety vocals. And, much to their credit, P&L manage to keep their hooks tuneful, their vocals audible and their songs frighteningly relevant. Keyboardist/vocalist Dan Friel may look like Prince Harry on a gap year, but the energy he offers the live performance - now enhanced by demure guitarist Sarah Lipstate - is anything but stuffy. Together with B.J. Warshaw, Friel's harmonies provide a settling backdrop amidst a sonic invasion which at times belies the band's relative anonymity on these shores.

P&L are treating the UK to a handful of dates, kicking off at Cafe Saki on Saturday 12 July. While they're over here perhaps they'll find a bit of time to learn how to spell.

Words: Jake Richards

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Selected highlights:

"lexical lunacy"
"unique strain"
"boisterous celebration"
"a settling backdrop amidst a sonic invasion"

"Richards has created something of a stir in his freshman blog outing."
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