Monday, 2 June 2008

Sir Yes Sir

The 21st Century's answer to medieval stocks, Big Brother, returns this Thursday. Hazaaaar! As the nation readies its rotten vegetables and slop buckets to throw at the vapid and moronic, what better band to cover than (mainly) Manchester based, authoritarian sounding three piece, Sir Yes Sir.

Occupying the sonic ground between The Cribs and Pavement, Sir Yes Sir are Manchester's unsung alternative rock heroes. I caught them live earlier this year at The Soup Kitchen, where they showcased their excellent demos with some added pep provided by live drumming and a greater emphasis on their warming distorted fuzz.

SYS appear on the forthcoming Across The Pennines compilation (numero 6), new material is recorded and currently being prepared for myspace streaming with a record planned for August. Zing! Oh, and on their blog they've taken a pop at Manchester's premier faux-indie careerist nauseaters The Ting Tings, what more do you want?

Sir Yes Sir - 'Hit 3' (download here or listen below)

Words: SS

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