Monday, 9 June 2008


Finding out about new music used to be a real drag. Either you had to waste time and money leaving the house to go to gigs and stuff, or even worse spend hours trawling the internet reading shit like this. Thankfully, these days things are far easier; now all you have to do now is visit HEALTH's myspace page and work your way out from the top friends list.

This is how I stumbled across Denver's Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy) anyway.
With a 'sounds like' list comprised of Youtube videos for Madonna's 'Holiday' Einstrundze Neubauten's 'Autobahn' and a bootlegged grime DVD, it seemed inevitable that the American one-piece would be a no-brainer for this particular pair of New Ears. Luckily when I got round to the music I wasn't disappointed. Imagine shoegaze vocals married to the kind of grime Wiley used to make while you were listening to The Datsuns and perfecting the 'urchin rock' look in the mirror (aka 2003/4) and you're halfway there. Actually you're noway near. Chuck in an unhealthy love of 80's pop, electro and avant noise and if by that point you're not thinking 'this sounds like the best shit ever yo', then frankly you're lost.

Let the below Mp3 of 'Flashion You Designed My Mind' be your entree, go to for the main course. Zoop zoop y'all...

Words: Billy iDle