Thursday, 26 June 2008

(Not) Esqueezy: An MC is for life, not just for Christmas...

Esqueezy isn't here this week. Like the rest of the New Ears flock she's mixing it up at Glastonbury with the thirtysomething office crowd to whom the height of wit is shouting 'bollocks' across the campsite after their once-a-year toke on a zoot. Seriously, I'm not jealous or anything; I mean have you seen those toilets? Eeeeeew.
And that's before we even get started on those hippies and their permanent need to molest bongo drums. And the food. And the queues. Oh, and the weather, jeeeez....

Nah, I'm not jealous at all.

Anyway, on her way out of New Ears towers she threw a poster at me and said something along the lines of 'Wagwaan fam, make sure you let the people dem know about this Sunday's MC's for life at the Contact Theatre yo'.
Personally, I wouldn't wanna get on her bad side so here's the details:

Black Thought (The Roots), Bashy and Lord Finesse (Diggin' In The Crates) all make an appearance at the event AND they apparently 'acknowledge the international MC language from Gangsta to Grime', which seems pretty fucking reasonable of them. Should be a good one.
Oh yeah, and if reading New Ears on the regs doesn't quite satisfy your full Esqueezy based needs then you can now visit her own blog Magic Mammaries to be kept abreast (arf) of all the goings on in her head. No need to panic though, she's still repping the New Ears mandem to the fullest and will be back next week with words on all the goings on at Glasto. Don't get it twisted or you'll get twisted y'all. One.

Words: Billy iDle


ESQUEEZY said...

You're so right about the bollocks/zoot activities.

Anonymous said...

Shouting 'bollocks' really is more of a Reading thing...but as it's now possible to download podcasts of The Levellers' set, it's easy to see why you chose to stay at home.

Billy iDle said...


While I remain blissfully ignorant as to what goes at Reading festival, i've been to Glastonbury several times and have witnessed this on each occassion.

It really does get funnier each time.

Actually that's not strictly true, one year 'bollocks' was replaced with 'gaybar' which as you can imagine took the hilarity levels to unprecedented new heights.

Didn't the Levellers once sing 'Truth and Lies'? I'd put my assertions firmly in the camp of the former.

Majority rules fam.


Anonymous said...

Well don't go to Reading then. I'm not saying it dosen't happen, but it will likely be Reading regulars and these days it's usually ignored (unless you camp in the nerd enclosure). However Glasto is culpable for "Gaybar", "Timmy", "Dan" and "Rooooooooney" which have all been hollered on separate occasions with obvious hilarious effect.

But the last two years, Glasto sports a more general "woooooooooooo!!" which goes round the whole festival on wed and thurs.

There's a thesis waiting to be written here.