Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Being that we are the self-nominated foremost bird fanciers to the new music aviary, we feel compelled to highlight the brilliance of Norwich’s Magpied. Comprising two youngens with a fondness for cheap sounding keyboards, Magpied make madcap electronica more striking than the sound of sparrows singing the Dies Irae.

Although these days you only need to hold a door open at Dixons to receive
a friend request, the principal friend adder for bands thankfully continues to be gigging. Which is why, after slowly spreading their electronica seed across myspace, the natural progression for Magpied is, this September, to venture out of their bedroom and onto the stage.

Unfortunately you need to be in Norfolk to witness this, but expeditions further afield can’t be too far away. For now content yourself with their infectious whimsical wonky sounds.

Words: SS

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