Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Go Ear: White Williams @ Ruby Lounge 13/06

Ahoy hoy beachflies! This week's best gig comes in the shape of White Williams and his travelling band. Hailing from Cleveland via New York, Williams and his laptop produce (often) algorithmically-generated jams sweetened with new wave, punk, disco and a heavy nod to the glam rock of Sparks et al. It's the kind of comforting feel good electronic pop that echoes that time Dad shut off the draft in the front room and served you a cup of tea and a plate of eggs.

His d├ębut album, Smoke, is out now on Domino, but more importantly clued up promoters Hey Manchester! have secured Williams' first UK performance outside of London at the Ruby Lounge this Friday. Scroll down, listen up and get down there.

We hoped to bring you the excellent bass bashing rehash of 'Violator' by Brooklyn's rising kitchen-sink stars Stay High, but unfortunately Williams' permission wasn't agreed in time. So get yourself over to Stay High's myspace and stream it yourself. Or do we have to do everything?

UPDATE>>>> 23.06.08 - Sir White Williams gave it the big OK, enjoy:

White Williams - 'Violator' [Stay High remix] (download here or listen below)

Stay High Myspace

Hey! Manchester Website

Words: SS

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