Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Go Ear: Instruments @ Saki Bar this Saturday

I'll level with you, as a rule instrumental post/math-rock does absolutely nothing for me. Actually that's a lie; as a genre it's quite capable of either A) Boring me to sleep, or B) Boring me to tears, though surprisingly neither of these reactions are ones I tend to look for when making proactive decisions on my listening habits.

So, bearing that in mind, when I say that South London's Instruments, essentially a post/math-rock kinda outfit (in concept if not execution), are probably one of the top 3 live bands I've seen over the past year or so that means they must be pretty fucking good. Guess what? They are.

While other bands of their ilk seem content to lull you into chin stroking apathy via the use of their effects pedals and facial hair, Instruments are positively brimming with poppy hooks, restless rhythmic twists and an infectious enthusiasm for the collaborative act of making music. It's quite literally the kind of stuff that will have chimed your pants off (groan) and shared a post-coital cigarette before you even know what's hit you.

So, cast aside any genre based aspersions, give that checked shirt an iron and get acquainted at the Football night this Saturday at Saki bar. If you're still not convinced then check out the below video and mp3 of their excellent 'American Football or American Football?' and be duly won over. New Ears yo. We does this.

Video: Instruments - American Football or American Football?

Instruments - 'American Football or American Football?' mp3


Words: Billy iDle

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