Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Esqueezy’s Mantra of the Week: "It’s Up To You How You Like Your Eggs"

All Day Breakfast, Wednesday 6th June 2008

I once heard someone say: "it’s up to you how you like your eggs". It was moving.

It's a suitable adage to apply to this week's best event too: the brainchild of Lord Lewis & His Merry Men…All Day Breakfast. I ain’t talking overcooked beans, frazzled bacon and pigs dicks in greasy spoons (NB: eggs are best avoided because they scream out salmonella). I’m talking All Day Breakfast frying up a crazy concoction of 90s hip hop, bashment, acid house, bassline, ragga, indie, grime, (but definitely NOT grindie), Miami bass, rock ‘n’ roll, jungle, reggae, minimal techno, dubstep, dancehall and free birthday cake. So fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, benedict or not at al, however you like your eggs, All Day Breakfast has got sumt'n for your ears and feet. If they haven’t, then you’re probably a boring freak who stays in and wanks over Warhammer figures.

There. I said it.

And a few more essential details…it’s only a fiver to flit between six venues. That’s less than what you’d pay for an all day breakfast in those gourmet greasy spoons full of a trustafarians (£5 for mushrooms on toast? You what?). The venues – Attic, Thirsty Scholar, Font, Revolution Oxford Road and Space/Subspace – will be boasting some bad-boy acts including Toddla T, Durrty Goodz, Cotti, Niyi, Urban Nerd DJs, Afrikan Boy, David Lewis, Murkage Cartel, Human Man and Sex With Robots…plus loads of other crazy bastards (and a little something from Esqueezy). Everyone’s finished exams and are spending their last few days (and pennies) in a drunken stupor so…

....watcha, watcha, watcha waiting for?

PS. Calling all workers. Book the next day off work. Slumped over your desk reeking of booze is not the one.

Words: Esqueezy

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