Thursday, 26 June 2008

(Not) Esqueezy: An MC is for life, not just for Christmas...

Esqueezy isn't here this week. Like the rest of the New Ears flock she's mixing it up at Glastonbury with the thirtysomething office crowd to whom the height of wit is shouting 'bollocks' across the campsite after their once-a-year toke on a zoot. Seriously, I'm not jealous or anything; I mean have you seen those toilets? Eeeeeew.
And that's before we even get started on those hippies and their permanent need to molest bongo drums. And the food. And the queues. Oh, and the weather, jeeeez....

Nah, I'm not jealous at all.

Anyway, on her way out of New Ears towers she threw a poster at me and said something along the lines of 'Wagwaan fam, make sure you let the people dem know about this Sunday's MC's for life at the Contact Theatre yo'.
Personally, I wouldn't wanna get on her bad side so here's the details:

Black Thought (The Roots), Bashy and Lord Finesse (Diggin' In The Crates) all make an appearance at the event AND they apparently 'acknowledge the international MC language from Gangsta to Grime', which seems pretty fucking reasonable of them. Should be a good one.
Oh yeah, and if reading New Ears on the regs doesn't quite satisfy your full Esqueezy based needs then you can now visit her own blog Magic Mammaries to be kept abreast (arf) of all the goings on in her head. No need to panic though, she's still repping the New Ears mandem to the fullest and will be back next week with words on all the goings on at Glasto. Don't get it twisted or you'll get twisted y'all. One.

Words: Billy iDle

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Being that we are the self-nominated foremost bird fanciers to the new music aviary, we feel compelled to highlight the brilliance of Norwich’s Magpied. Comprising two youngens with a fondness for cheap sounding keyboards, Magpied make madcap electronica more striking than the sound of sparrows singing the Dies Irae.

Although these days you only need to hold a door open at Dixons to receive
a friend request, the principal friend adder for bands thankfully continues to be gigging. Which is why, after slowly spreading their electronica seed across myspace, the natural progression for Magpied is, this September, to venture out of their bedroom and onto the stage.

Unfortunately you need to be in Norfolk to witness this, but expeditions further afield can’t be too far away. For now content yourself with their infectious whimsical wonky sounds.

Words: SS

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Go Ear: Instruments @ Saki Bar this Saturday

I'll level with you, as a rule instrumental post/math-rock does absolutely nothing for me. Actually that's a lie; as a genre it's quite capable of either A) Boring me to sleep, or B) Boring me to tears, though surprisingly neither of these reactions are ones I tend to look for when making proactive decisions on my listening habits.

So, bearing that in mind, when I say that South London's Instruments, essentially a post/math-rock kinda outfit (in concept if not execution), are probably one of the top 3 live bands I've seen over the past year or so that means they must be pretty fucking good. Guess what? They are.

While other bands of their ilk seem content to lull you into chin stroking apathy via the use of their effects pedals and facial hair, Instruments are positively brimming with poppy hooks, restless rhythmic twists and an infectious enthusiasm for the collaborative act of making music. It's quite literally the kind of stuff that will have chimed your pants off (groan) and shared a post-coital cigarette before you even know what's hit you.

So, cast aside any genre based aspersions, give that checked shirt an iron and get acquainted at the Football night this Saturday at Saki bar. If you're still not convinced then check out the below video and mp3 of their excellent 'American Football or American Football?' and be duly won over. New Ears yo. We does this.

Video: Instruments - American Football or American Football?

Instruments - 'American Football or American Football?' mp3

Words: Billy iDle

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Go Ear: White Williams @ Ruby Lounge 13/06

Ahoy hoy beachflies! This week's best gig comes in the shape of White Williams and his travelling band. Hailing from Cleveland via New York, Williams and his laptop produce (often) algorithmically-generated jams sweetened with new wave, punk, disco and a heavy nod to the glam rock of Sparks et al. It's the kind of comforting feel good electronic pop that echoes that time Dad shut off the draft in the front room and served you a cup of tea and a plate of eggs.

His d├ębut album, Smoke, is out now on Domino, but more importantly clued up promoters Hey Manchester! have secured Williams' first UK performance outside of London at the Ruby Lounge this Friday. Scroll down, listen up and get down there.

We hoped to bring you the excellent bass bashing rehash of 'Violator' by Brooklyn's rising kitchen-sink stars Stay High, but unfortunately Williams' permission wasn't agreed in time. So get yourself over to Stay High's myspace and stream it yourself. Or do we have to do everything?

UPDATE>>>> 23.06.08 - Sir White Williams gave it the big OK, enjoy:

White Williams - 'Violator' [Stay High remix] (download here or listen below)

Stay High Myspace

Hey! Manchester Website

Words: SS

Monday, 9 June 2008

Esqueezy Explains It All: Bizzle, Bentley’s (or lack of) and Badman DJ’s

No way has it been a month since the first Esqueezy Explains It All…and a turbulent one at that. Esqueezy’s a worker now, thrown head first into the world of grubby collar workers and office sandwich hierarchies. Everything is so straightforward that even the mugs have instructions on them like ‘sip’ and ‘hot’. But don’t watch the bitching because music is somehow keeping me going and whether I’m enjoying it or taking the piss out of it, it’s all bless. However, I’m a bit grumps because grime is being like the school bitch to me. It’s either plain AWFUL or just IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of, especially on the cotch in Manchester. It’s like being faced with a wedding buffet of oxygen cakes (and the tablecloth is naff too). I don’t care about Lethal Bizzle going on shower about the keys to his Bentley, cos its more like Fiat Panda son!

All Day Breakfast was mint. My set was scuppered by soundsystem problems and I thought it was all over…my ship was sinking…. but alas! I jumped the decks in Subspace and had a free sailing Veuve Clicquot soaked in 45 minutes (the result of an uncontrollable Schumacher moment). Ah, the joy of status drinks. It’s all about being seen holding them rather than the taste. What was the highlight of the night? Well…the Dingles used to be the only nang thing in Yorkshire, but now Steel City badman Toddla T has pushed them off the hotspot by winning Esqueezy’s Showa Hour at ADB, nicing up the dance with a bit of jackin’ bassline. If you don’t know about Toddla, then you’ve not had your head in the sand - you’ve had your head down a very deep well in Outer Mongolia with earplugs on… Witness The Frickin’ Sickness. It’s pretty funny how bassline upped Yorkshire’s game. I can’t really bully my brother for being born there anymore. for all you lost souls who have been living life in the musical poverty bracket.

I’ve got a little treat for you in the form of a mix I found on DVA’s Myspace. Scratcha/DVA is a beast of a DJ/producer on the grime/dubstep tip that I first took real notice of after copping a load of ‘Carrier Bag’ on Rinse 01/Geeneus.

Scratcha/DVA Dubstep Mix - June 2008

Check the track list on his blog at

Hopefully something interesting will kick off soon like a homosexual union of two high profile grime MC’s or the blind guy and albino in Big Brother releasing a rap tune. A freestyle rendition of Skepta’s ‘I Spy’? Sounds like Esqueezy gold.

Keep it dark.

Words: Esqueezy


Finding out about new music used to be a real drag. Either you had to waste time and money leaving the house to go to gigs and stuff, or even worse spend hours trawling the internet reading shit like this. Thankfully, these days things are far easier; now all you have to do now is visit HEALTH's myspace page and work your way out from the top friends list.

This is how I stumbled across Denver's Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy) anyway.
With a 'sounds like' list comprised of Youtube videos for Madonna's 'Holiday' Einstrundze Neubauten's 'Autobahn' and a bootlegged grime DVD, it seemed inevitable that the American one-piece would be a no-brainer for this particular pair of New Ears. Luckily when I got round to the music I wasn't disappointed. Imagine shoegaze vocals married to the kind of grime Wiley used to make while you were listening to The Datsuns and perfecting the 'urchin rock' look in the mirror (aka 2003/4) and you're halfway there. Actually you're noway near. Chuck in an unhealthy love of 80's pop, electro and avant noise and if by that point you're not thinking 'this sounds like the best shit ever yo', then frankly you're lost.

Let the below Mp3 of 'Flashion You Designed My Mind' be your entree, go to for the main course. Zoop zoop y'all...

Words: Billy iDle

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Esqueezy’s Mantra of the Week: "It’s Up To You How You Like Your Eggs"

All Day Breakfast, Wednesday 6th June 2008

I once heard someone say: "it’s up to you how you like your eggs". It was moving.

It's a suitable adage to apply to this week's best event too: the brainchild of Lord Lewis & His Merry Men…All Day Breakfast. I ain’t talking overcooked beans, frazzled bacon and pigs dicks in greasy spoons (NB: eggs are best avoided because they scream out salmonella). I’m talking All Day Breakfast frying up a crazy concoction of 90s hip hop, bashment, acid house, bassline, ragga, indie, grime, (but definitely NOT grindie), Miami bass, rock ‘n’ roll, jungle, reggae, minimal techno, dubstep, dancehall and free birthday cake. So fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, benedict or not at al, however you like your eggs, All Day Breakfast has got sumt'n for your ears and feet. If they haven’t, then you’re probably a boring freak who stays in and wanks over Warhammer figures.

There. I said it.

And a few more essential details…it’s only a fiver to flit between six venues. That’s less than what you’d pay for an all day breakfast in those gourmet greasy spoons full of a trustafarians (£5 for mushrooms on toast? You what?). The venues – Attic, Thirsty Scholar, Font, Revolution Oxford Road and Space/Subspace – will be boasting some bad-boy acts including Toddla T, Durrty Goodz, Cotti, Niyi, Urban Nerd DJs, Afrikan Boy, David Lewis, Murkage Cartel, Human Man and Sex With Robots…plus loads of other crazy bastards (and a little something from Esqueezy). Everyone’s finished exams and are spending their last few days (and pennies) in a drunken stupor so…

....watcha, watcha, watcha waiting for?

PS. Calling all workers. Book the next day off work. Slumped over your desk reeking of booze is not the one.

Words: Esqueezy

Monday, 2 June 2008

Sir Yes Sir

The 21st Century's answer to medieval stocks, Big Brother, returns this Thursday. Hazaaaar! As the nation readies its rotten vegetables and slop buckets to throw at the vapid and moronic, what better band to cover than (mainly) Manchester based, authoritarian sounding three piece, Sir Yes Sir.

Occupying the sonic ground between The Cribs and Pavement, Sir Yes Sir are Manchester's unsung alternative rock heroes. I caught them live earlier this year at The Soup Kitchen, where they showcased their excellent demos with some added pep provided by live drumming and a greater emphasis on their warming distorted fuzz.

SYS appear on the forthcoming Across The Pennines compilation (numero 6), new material is recorded and currently being prepared for myspace streaming with a record planned for August. Zing! Oh, and on their blog they've taken a pop at Manchester's premier faux-indie careerist nauseaters The Ting Tings, what more do you want?

Sir Yes Sir - 'Hit 3' (download here or listen below)

Words: SS