Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hotpants Romance

The thing about Punk music is that its always better when the people playing it don't come across like they're trying too hard. I guess thats why groups made up of girls who own cool record collections and play the 3 chords they know like they're on a permanent sugar rush will always be worth a zillion pseudo anarchist bores with mohawks (seriously guy, if it really was 'anarchy' you'd probably be the first to cop it). Think The Slits, think X-Ray Spex. More recently think (early) Erase Errata and Mika Miko. And now, think Manchester's gloriously named Hotpants Romance.

I tried to get an mp3 off them for you, the New Ears faithful, and they (rather unromantically) longed me off but trust me, it's the kind of thing that gets lazy A&R wannabees and journo's chatting 'bout: 'like Delta 5 drunk off Cherry Cola covering Ramones songs in Brian Wilson's sandpit'.
Still, don't take my word for it, go visit them on myspace and check it for yourself:

Words: Billy Idle

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