Saturday, 24 May 2008

hey Panda Give You Extra

If you punch a Giant Panda in the eye does it go white? No doubt WWF would have something to say about conducting an experiment, but it can't deny that in a similar way to "who would win a fight between a Lion and a Tiger?", these questions need answers. OK teenagers hey Panda don't answer these burning questions (yet), but they do answer one question in the affirmative, are there any good bands in Halifax?

Yes Halifax. Previous Halifax musical output has been limited to that bespectacled guy, Howard Brown, from the bank adverts, but these four youngens are writing their own far more exciting chapter in West Yorkshire's musical heritage. Ticking all the important post-punk influence boxes, hey Panda evoke the same kind of dance-punk fun and energy that The Rapture did in their early days. Proving that they're far more virile than their animal moniker, it seems they perform, in the main, topless. Manchester promoters, don't make them take their jeans off too. Please pull your fingers out and book this band post haste.

hey Panda - 'Angry Canadian' (download here or listen below)

Words: SS

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