Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Esqueezy gets Eurocultured...

What’s pop-a-loppin? It’s almost Bank Holiday Weekend (aka drinking and messiness) so time to go give all you Mancsters a heads up about Eurocultured this year. It’s European culture, but all the best bits like drinking, street partying and ‘nuff music. Check the flyer and you know what I’m talking about. It’s getting all urban up in Sumo Sunday, so why not join me to drink all those thugged out status drinks beginning with a C – Courvoisier, Cristal…errrrrrm Cava? Well yeah, you get my drift. If my magic is working and you’re about to drop everything to come you can expect a pretty sexual six hours in Coco Too’s, which is ditching the usual bruschetta for a bit of bass. No disrespect to Italian culinary specialities but I know which one tastes best. Expect a solid mix of hip-hop, bassfaces, grime, drinking, dubstep, dutty wining, dancehall…

I think I’ve pushed that enough now.

As well as Fallacy’s soon-to-be-legendary evening soiree, there’s plenty poppin off (there goes my Cava cork) in the day, from break dancing to graffiti to DJs playing pretty much every genre under sun (of which I’m praying for) on and around New Wakefield Street… plus it’s only £2. Under 16s are free, but don’t be making any skanky student moves like trying to make out you’re sweet sixteen or saying your aunties-mates-cousin is DJing. It ain’t cool.

It’s a little more on the door tax at night but c’mon, it’s pure gold. Coco Too’s is near The Ritz (possibly adjacent, but my memory is shot) so no excuses.

Get on, and you won’t need much persuading.

See you there poomplex.

Words: Esqueezy

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