Thursday, 8 May 2008

Esqueezy Explains It All…

Get your gun fingers nice and high for the first of Monday Murkage gyal Esqueezy's reports from the lower end of the frequency spectrum, covering all things grime/dubstep/dancehall/funky.....but not necessarily separately! Read on....
Are you as confused as me?

I thought so.

Music is chest-deep in turbulent times. Too many people in Manchester are living in the past and paying overly obsessive homage to the Hacienda, playing Blue Monday on a tedious loop and morbidly insisting on keeping the dream of Oasis alive. The Hacienda is NEVER coming back however many reunion parties get thrown. Blue Monday is rinsed to death and makes me want to sick- up in my shoes then walk home in them. Liam Gallagher is quite frankly, a gobshite.

Manchester is craving to be recognised for music that is as tasty as Ting, rather than another standard guitar band with lyrical diarrhoea. It’s time we had the same attitude to music that Jamie Oliver has to school dinners. Get rid of the Turkey Twizzlers. In music these must be the multitudes of formulaic, extremely contradictory, ‘fake’ indie bands that the mainstream keeps serving up like school mush. Kate Nash Is A Victim and Scouting For Girls got me Scouting For Gats. It’s quite simply, bad noise.

Let’s welcome hefty bass heavy music into our lives; the basslines that sounds like they’ve been dragged through bushes backwards, poked with shards of glass and thrown off high-rise tower blocks. I highly recommend it…but…a hot tip is in order. Don’t restrict yourself to one genre. Doing that is like eating egg mayonnaise sandwiches on a bus…absolute suicide. Hybridisation is a good thing. Eating the same sandwich everyday is boring; it’s all about adding the jerk spice to your chicken wrap (aka ‘getting a bit of variation’). That’s why the current musical don in Manchester is DJ and producer, man like Johnny Chimpo. Think dubstep, dancehall, grime and garage…Chimpo is mashing up music genres like potatoes. As well as producing his own tracks, he’s firing out reload-a-plenty refixes like no tomorrow, pulling tracks from almost every genre under the sun and giving them a dubstep, bass heavy kick. Respect some groundbreaking, innovative local talent and treat yourself to big Johnny Chimpo’s equally big April dubstep/mash-up mix here: -

Chimpo: April Dubstep Mix

Check for tracklistings and more mixes.

If you’re after some eargasmic nights out, go on then, check my page for occasional DJ dates…big tings in late May/early June -

Until next time, keep it skankin

Words: Esqueezy

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