Sunday, 25 May 2008

Go Ear: Electricity In Our Homes

Given our rainy city's fondness for eulogising it's past, the collective altzeimers suffered with regards to The Diagram Brothers, aka the best band to ever hail from Manchester, is both peculiar and depressing.
Luckily London four piece Electricity in Our Homes aren't quite so forgetful. They've embraced the aforementioned Brothers' love of dischordandce and married it with their own clipped rhythmic sensiblility to create one of the most exciting musical propositions of the past eighteen months.

This Wednesday they'll be bringing their buttoned down brand of dissonance to the Shoot Me Club at Oxford Road's Deaf Institute (the new Trof). Expect cut-glass guitars, No Wave Rhythms and monochrome aesthetics. Our advice: Go see.

Video: Electricity in Our Homes - 'Are They Doing Something Nasty?' live in Rome.

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Anonymous said...

The Diagram Brothers? Have you heard of Oasis mate?

Let's fuckin' av it!

Mad fer it!!!!