Friday, 30 October 2009

Music blogs have gone stale

...and this is no exception.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Let's. Make. Breakfast!

Auntie showed a more than decent documentary about synth music's beginnings in depressing 70s Britain last night. The Sheffield bands along with Throbbing Gristle in London existed primarily as a reaction to the staleness of punk, musically at least. It reminded me in many ways of what was happening in New York amongst a troupe of nihilists and deconstructionists (aka the No Wave scene) at about the same time. The main difference, paricularly with Phil Oakey, was No Wavers completely rejected any idea of success or careerism, back then at least. My current favourite No Wavers are impLOG, part of the scene by association rather than musical definition, who were primarily the work of Don Christensen from The Contortions.

impLOG's most lasting track from their three releases is 'Holland Tunnel Dive' and it is awesome, but
I prefer the charm served up with their ode to the most important meal of the day. No black pudding though.

impLOG - 'Breakfast'.mp3 [YSI]

impLOG - 'Holland Tunnel Dive'.mp3

Words: SS

Monday, 14 September 2009

"Where's the stash?"

Ever wondered quite why SALEM's music is so dark and dank? This picture of a coked-up, deranged and physically abusive Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina The Teenage Witch, tells more than words ever could.

SALEM have a new limited release ('Frost'/'Legend') coming out Stateside via Audraglint. UK visit plans can't be too far off being announced either (hopefully).

SALEM - Frost

SALEM - Trap Door.mp3 [YSI]

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Monday, 7 September 2009


'Old Rave'

E's are Good, E's are Good, He's Ebeneezer Goode! Rave is back, and we’re not talking the fashion indie-electro obsessed New Rave Class of ’06 & ’07. No, a classier rehash which is a lot more musically minded and much less about getting hysterical over Hadouken and looking like a glo-stick has puked on your face. Think of it more like an episode of Hitman & Her minus dodgy men from Bradford telling us how good of a dancer they are as Michaela Strachan chews her own face off. New Rave was bad music which took on a similar life journey as constipation. It passed through a couple of channels with little to offer, but still insisted on lodging itself in a dark little place. It took a lot of effort to get rid of and left behind a really bad smell. We don’t want a repeat of that.

In simpler words - it’s more about the music this time. With the sounds of the Summer of Love ‘88/‘89 as inspiration even drum & bass producers are flocking to a more synth-etic, euphoric, house driven kind of sound. DJ Zinc is now making what he describes as ‘Crack House’ - stand out tracks include Killer Sound (feat. NoLay) and Submarines which have underlying sounds that are so reminiscent of early 90’s house.

Producers that were probably buzzing off fidget house this time last year are reworking old stompers including the Prodigy’s Warrior Dance which takes a slice of Final Cut & True Faith’s Take Me Away not to mention Crom’s dirty bootleg of DJ Flavour’s Your Caress. Bowlers reunion anyone?

You can also feel the flavour of 80s-90s house with anything by ROB THREEZY. You can hear the elements and inspiration of tracks like HEX – ALRIGHT TO LOVE (EXPOSURE MIX) and XPANSIONS – MOVE YOUR BODY smuggled in there. Backed by colossal electro bass label Nightshifters and with the likes of AC SLATER and HOSTAGE as label-mates Rob Threezy is going far. He’s been big in ‘09 but he’ll be pissing all over the skills of many other electro producers by next year. Keep an eye and an ear out for him.

P Diddy finds out the meaning of 'booty call'

MC’s and rappers are clamouring for a housey collab, even the most flossiest of them all, P Diddy appears on DJ Hell’s The DJ. I blame it on Ecstasy. Strange things happen when rappers get their hands on it, and apparently Diddy has been indulging in it. He stupidly got caught buying it on cameraphone by some weird Spanish dude. Diddy’s not alone though. B.G., Bone Thugs & Harmony and Lil’ Jon have blatantly all been there. Hip-hop tracks are getting the re-mixture treatment from top-dog electro producers, most recently the Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Common jam Make Her Say, which has been given a housey lick by Nadastrom in his MP3 DOWNLOAD: 88 DUB. [Taken down by the good douchebags at the IFPI]

You can breathe a sigh of relief, as my 2009 rave lecture draws to a close here. Hope you enjoy the bounty of videos and sites I’ve left in those carefully constructed HTML links. It took me bloody ages.

Words by ESQUEEZY.

Slewwwww dem!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

So Much To Answer For: Cottonopolis Top 20 LPs

We were asked to name our top 20 albums by Manchester-based artists for a forthcoming feature for SoundProof magazine. We limited ourselves to two LPs per band and based our selections purely on what our favourite records were, i.e. we're not suggesting it's definitive. Sadly there was no room for Proud Mary. Obviously this has given us the perfect excuse to post a load of great music [in alphabetical order]...

1. Autechre – Tri Repetae (Warp) [1995]

2. Buzzcocks – Love Bites (United Artists) [1978]

3. A Certain Ratio - The Graveyard and the Ballroom (Factory) [1980]

Do the Du.mp3 [YSI]

4. Diagram Brothers - Some Marvels of Modern Science (New Hormones) [1981]

5. Electronic – Electronic (Factory) [1991]

6. The Fall – Live At The Witch Trials (Step Forward) [1979]

Industrial Estate.mp3 [YSI]

7. The Fall – Hex Education Hour (Kamera) [1982]

8. A Guy Called Gerald – Black Secret Technology (Juice Box) [1995]

9. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures (Factory) [1979]

Disorder.mp3 [YSI]

10. Joy Division – Closer (Factory) [1980]

11. New Order – Power Corruption Lies (Factory) [1983]

12. Magazine – Real Life (Virgin) [1978]

13. Magazine – The Correct Use Of Soap (Virgin) [1980]

Because You're Frightened.mp3 [YSI]

14. Morrissey – Vauxhall and I (Parlophone) [1994]

15. The Smiths – The Smiths (Rough Trade) [1984]

16. The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (Rough Trade) [1986]

The Queen is Dead.mp3 [YSI]

17. The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses (Silvertone) [1989]

18. Von Südenfed - Tromatic Reflexxions (Domino) [2007]

Fledermaus Can't Get It.mp3

19. World Of Twist – Quality Street (Circa) [1991]

20. 808 State – Newbuild (Creed) [1988]

Thoughts etc. welcome.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Oasis Split

Personally, I thought they were about as relevant as the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, but others have not taken the split so well...

Monday, 31 August 2009

DIY Bank Holiday

We're rapidly reaching the point of saturation with lo fi/DIY. Nathan Williams' personal implosion appeared indicative of a sound pushed beyond its own sustainability (Wavves' new output suggests this is something he's fully aware of). But no, we're not there quite YET. Mainly because the emerging bands (Teen Sheikhs) and releases (Manchester's Mazes via Sex Is Disgusting) are still ace enough to hold our attention.

But the best reason to revive your interest in this sound is Leeds'
Spectrals, who ride similar surf waves to Ducktails and Arch M, but atop their own 60s pop waxed board. They've coined it "faux beach psychedelia", which kinda fits. An LP is forthcoming on Captured Tracks and the band arrive in Manchester on 25 November to support Wavves at the Deaf Institute.

Get involved.

Spectrals - 'Leave me be'.mp3 [YSI]

Words: SS